Anlas – Capra X – Tyres available in the UK

After riding across Canada last year (twice) I discovered these tyres by chance in Calgary!

They are made by Anlas, which is a Turkish company, thy are called Capra X and they are pretty sweet tyres. I really enjoyed having them on the bike in Canada and had to change them when I returned home last year as they had worn through.

They are now importing them in the UK & I managed to find a company in London (just inside the M25) called Motorcycle Tyre’s that were able to source and fit them for me. They buy them from Cambrian tyres which are the sole importer for Anals in the UK.

They are so much quieter on the front wheel than the Michelin Anakee Wilds which makes riding at speed so much nicer and so far I’m in love with them all over again. #

I’m very happy with them, so happy I bought two sets!!

I really like the way the center and side blocks have slits in them to allow the water to disperse easier than the traditional 50/50 block tyres. It makes for a much safer tyre in the rain and will improve stopping no doubt to.

I really love throwing the bike into the corners and have been scraping the side of my boots I get so low on these tyres and trust them to stick. From now on this is my tyre of choice.