We Ride London!

I might be a bit late to the game on this one, however, due to the abhorrent terrorist attack in Westminster yesterday the ride was postponed to a later date….so there is still time to join the campaign. 

How Can I Get Involved?

It’s time to take positive action that will unify bikers and effect change in how we are treated and looked after on London’s roads.


  1. Make sure you respond to the TfL “Air Quality Consultation”. We’ve put together a helpful blog post here on this topic.
  2. Join our social media campaign to show that you ride in London, pictured as your non-biker self, at home or work, holding a crash helmet and tagged #WeRideLondon. We’ve written a Blog article to help you do this here.
  3. To take it one step further join our awareness rides,  (event on Facebook soon) riding your motorcycle or scooter wearing your work clothes, ideally with an open-face helmet or with your visor up. There’s no need for excessive revving or burn-outs – we want to show London the real people behind every visor; not a group to be defined merely as bikers, but simply people who choose to ride bikes, and deserve acknowledgement, recognition and positive transport policies in London to keep them safe.

    Check out the We Ride London Website here >>>>>>we ride london

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