Hells Angels Funeral Ride

On Saturday 25th March 2017 the Hells Angels MC, London held a funeral ride for one of their own. Dodgy Dave. His last ride from the clubhouse in Hackney to the south London crematorium.

HAMC and other 1%er bikers leaving the clubhouse in Hackney

HAMC members from all over the world & other 1%er Outlaw MC’s came to show their respect and to ride with Dave one last time, and I was no exception. I joined the ride at the back of the queue and made my way with the noise & sea of bikes out through east London and over London Bridge.

London Bridge packed from end to end with bikers!

It was the noisiest ride I’ve ever taken part in. There must have been over 1000+ bikers making their way through central London. Prospects from the HAMC England blocked all the traffic at every junction along the route so that the funeral procession was not held up.

No Helmet, no cares

We didn’t stop for one red light, anyone or anything. As it should be, just pure riding. I covered my number plate, took my helmet off and rode with no lid all the way there.

London Bridge

 The atmosphere was friendly and all were accepted to pay their respects to Dave and the club. It’s not a sight often seen, but no one else does a funeral like the Hells Angels MC.

R.I.P. Dodgy Dave

HAMC / 81 / Support Your Local Big Red Machine, London, England. AFFA.


End to End bikes on London Bridge

Here is a video I’ve found on the net of the ride leaving hackney

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