MAG London Memorial Ride – May 2017

This morning I attended the MAG London Memorial ride from the world famous Ace Cafe to City Hall SE1 London. 

Hosted to highlight and raise awareness of the 36 deaths involving motorbike riders on the capitals streets in 2015. 

Sadiq Kahn the Mayor of London cares more about cyclists vulnerability than that if motorcycle riders…..if at all. It is time that motorcycle riders of all types are allowed to use all London bus lanes and Sadiq Kahn should implement the plans TFL put forward in their own TFL Urban Motorcycle Handbook published last year. 

We left the Ace Cafe in north west London at 11am and made our way along the A40 into town. Not breaking any laws or traffic lights. We ride down the A501 and down Portland Place to the BBC building where a MAG member delivered a letter about the ride and concearns we have as motorcycle riders in London. 

After which we ride along Whitehall and over Westminster Bridge 

We waited half way along the bridge to bring the pack together and then rode on to City Hall to deliver a messeage by means of a photograph which will raise awareness of our issues. 

It was a nice ride. Very pleasant and nice to meet new riders and ones I’ve met before again. Hopefully more will be planned soon! 

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