London to Land’s End… And back again

I’ve always wanted to go to Land’s End. I’ve always had a vision in my imagination of what it would be like and this weekend I made it a reality.

A few years back I rode around the NC500 in Scotland with my pal Lloyd and we took in John O’Groats which is 874 miles away from Land’s End, and earlier this year I rode to the most south westerly point of Europe, Cape St Vincent in Portugal, but I’ve never been to the most south westerly point of my own country.

So this Saturday I woke up with not much else to do and a feeling of a long ride to Land’s End was calling me from out of nowhere, so I grabbed that feeling, looked at the weather forecast from the Met Office and thought better of it.

Rain clouds coming in from the Atlantic over SW England, [Cornwall]. Not the most welcoming weather to ride into…..but hey ho, in for a penny.

I geared up, fueled up, saddled up and hit the road down to Land’s End.

I had a 5 hour ride ahead of me and was soon on the M3 heading toward the A303, past Stonehenge and outwards the West Country. 

The weather was over cast with a few bits of Sundays here and there and by the time I passed Exeter the sun had been completely taken away by the dark grey clouds that scatter the sky ahead of me. 

I stopped for fuel again to see me in and out of Cornwall and after a long ride of dodging and hitting a few heavy patches of rain I had reached my goal.

Ahead of me lay the end of the land, or as we lovingly refer to it Land’s End.

It was slightly different to how I had imagined it – there were buildings, a gift shop, a hotel, family amusements and food outlets and the First and Last house in the UK.

It was also eerily quiet. Maybe due to the weather.

 I was there for about half an hour all alone exploring and riding the bike around, taking pictures and only saw a couple of people daring to brace the elements.

I stopped in the hotel for a quick cup of tea and warmed up a little then went back out on the road again and then saw a group of around 7 bikers that had come down from Somerset to ride around Cornwall for the weekend.  They were staying a b&b nearby, I however was not.

I was heading back to London.



I made it back to London around 11.50pm after being diverted on the A303 and the M3.

Eventually clocking up 643.1 miles for the days ride.




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