Spain/Portugal TET Ride 2017. Day 6 Castelo Branco to Montemor-o-Novo

After the late night of drinking, we woke up late too. We squeezed as much time as we could out of the room and checked out at midday.

Our plan was to meet up with some Norwegian guys that we had been told via a friend back home that were riding the TET too.

So we made our way out of town and rode on road for around 80 miles to reach the small village of Cabecoa where we were due to rendezvous with Inge and Bjørnar.

The sun was shining and the air was clear. It was a good day for a road ride.

We took it easy and enjoyed the sun and smooth roads. We reached Cabecoa in a couple of hours & after following the signs to the “centro” we saw Inge & Bjørnar waiting for us sitting down on a bench near their adventure bikes enjoying the sunshine.

We parked our bikes next to theirs and went over to introduce ourselves eventually ending up in the small traditional cafe sitting down to have a coffee and KitKat together!

They were really nice guys. Two friends who are riding their bikes around Portugal doing the TET at Christmas and new year, then leaving their bikes in Malaga, Spain to return in April when the weather is better to ride on home to Norway on the bikes.

After coffee we got on our bikes and rode out of town towards the TET route which we picked up after a couple of kilometres. The terrain was predominantly scrubland with a compact clay/ sand road to ride on. Lots of bumps and bumps and twists and turns along the way.

I was leading with Inge, then Bjørnar & Chris taking up the rear. Now I’ve always considered myself a bit of a slow rider off but I found myself slowing down quiet a lot to let the guys catch up with me! To be fair there was no race, but I find the faster you go the better when riding off road and I make more mistakes when going slow due to not having enough momentum!

At one point I turned around and no one was there! So I turned the bike around and rode back about half a mile to find the guys crossing around Bjørnar’s motorcycle. Holding everything. Was alright I pulled up and inquired as to what had happened.

It turned out that Bjørnar’s top box bracket and snapped clean in two. The top box was overloaded with weight and when he hit a big bump the landing had driven the force of that weight down and snapped the bracket in two.

We ended up strapping the top box to my bike with some ratchet straps and riding just a little slower than before.

It was a great days ride through some amazing countryside and quite a few farms.

We eventually ended up in the small drag strip town of Montemor-o-Novo and found a hotel to stay in for the night.

We left Inge and Bjørnar to their own devices after checking in and after the usual unpacking we headed out on the bikes to have a look around the town.

We rode up to the old Islamic castle on the top of the hill.

and then around the circumstance of the hill the castle was built upon before heading into town to try and find a bar. After riding around aimlessly in the end we ended up asking a local where to go, and were given directions to a small bar about a mile away.

We found the bar and ordered a couple of beers, sat outside and ended up talking to the locals for our time there. After which they invited us for dinner with them at a local restaurant famed for the waiter singing the menu to you! With an invitation like that, who could refuse?

We followed the guys about a mile or so out of town and pulled up at the restaurant. It was a very understated building. Nothing fancy, nothing beautiful to look at, the hidden beauty about this place was inside.

As we entered we heard the waiter singing the menu to a table at the back of the restaurant and it sounded funny!

We were seated by the energetic waiter when he was finished singing the menu to the other table and he greeted us warmly to his restaurant.

A few minutes later we also had the pleasure of having the menu sung to us too.

He has a certain style and rhythm as to how he sings the menu to the table with various highs and lows and of you speak Portuguese no doubt a few jokes too.

I ordered some prawns and salad whilst the others tried the local meat dishes.

We talked and drank beer until the food came out which was delicious.

The flavours were delightful to the palette and pretty soon it was all gone and I was tucking into dessert!

After dinner we went to a bar that we were told about. One half was a church, the other half was a brothel. It was open from 4pm till 4am. Dusk ’til Dawn.

Half church/half brothel? This had to be investigated. Sin and resolution all in one stop.

The bar was quiet with only two other guys there, one of which had a working lady hanging off his arm. The two barmen were talking to each other and the two other working girls were sitting at the opposite end of the bar, until we decided to sat down at which point they came over to join us.

When I say working girls, they were mid 50’s and looking tired. One was a nurse who worked this life to gain extra money, the other, this was her full time job.

I was not interested in sex whatsoever as I have a girlfriend and would never sleep with a prostitute. Not my bag. Never has been never will. Even if these ladies were the best looking women in the world. No way. It’s just not my thing.

But we had a drink with them said our goodbyes and were soon enough on our way back to hotel on the motorbikes.

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