Spain/Portugal TET Ride 2017. Day 7 Montemor-o-Novo to Santiago do Cacém

We woke early in the morning & had some breakfast at the hotel with Inge & Bjørnar.

The coffee was getting a little better the further south we rode. That made me happy.

Bjørnar had found a Honda dealership where he could get his top box rack fixed. They didn’t have one in stock, but they said they would take one off another Africa Twin they had in their showroom to use on his bike and replace it when the part arrived. So with that in set we packed our bags and rode on out of town towards the Honda shop!

We arrived around half an hour later and the mechanics started to switch the luggage plates over.

I decided to use the time to fix a few things on my bike and replace my rear brake pads as they were running low and I had a spare set with me. An hour or so later Bjørnars bike was fixed and ready to go. We lined up the bikes outside the shop and had some pictures taken of us by the dealership manager and said our good byes.

We split up from Bjønar and Inge as they were going to try a more scenic route back to the TET and we were heading a little further south.

We found a little petrol station with a cafe and so stopped to fuel up on petrol and food. Inside the owners had an African Grey Parrot who loved sitting on top of the beer tap and being fed food. Crisps more specifically! He was a cute little thing and a pleasant surprise to have whilst stoping for food & fuel.

A few miles on we found our TET route again which started by passing over a huge reservoir where there were a couple of U.K. folks and their camper vans parked up.

we stopped for a little bit to get some pictures and then crossed over the bridge and turned up into the route.

We were travelling along sandy tracks through baron lands with the odd trees here and there and then into sudden forests and out again. I had a bit of a bad crash after the front wheel hit a badly angled rut and ended up flying through the air a little after bashing my stomach on the fuel tank. Very painful indeed. None the less I picked up the bike and pushed on At one point a while later we were trapped by locked gates which ideally should have been open to allow us access through the route. However we came across a few locked gates and ended up getting trapped and going around in circles for a few hours trying to find a way out and back to the road. In the end we took drastic measures which I won’t mention here, and eventually made our way out. It was such a relief to be free of the fenced in area we had been stuck in and back out on the road. We lost a few valuable hours and because of that didn’t get into town until quite late.

You can see the rips in my trousers from the accidents above.

When we got to town we had a beer and relaxed for a while then met up with Bjønar and Inge once again a the hotel. We checked in and I had washing to do. So I rode to the laundrette to wash my clothes whilst the others made there way to the restaurant.

I met up with them after I had washed my bike a few times and my clothes once.

I went to the restaurant and joined the guys for dinner. I had one of the tastiest prawn risottos ever. They served me a whole pot of it! Ridiculously delicious.

After dinner we had a few beers and it was back to the hotel for a few more then a well earned sleep. My body was in agonising pain and was feeling tired from riding off road and the accidents I’d had!

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