Spain/Portugal TET Ride 2017. Day 8 Santiago do Cacém to Lagos

We woke up late again and enjoyed the rest after the previous days riding.

We went to the petrol station and filled up with fuel and made our way out onto the TET once again. After a few miles we started at the track and I saw some fresh motorbike tyre tracks in the sand and guessed the Norwegians had also come this way. One looked like a heideneau scout and the other like a Michelin’s anakee wild. The trails were made up of sand and loose gravel, but mostly sand.

As you can see there were several obstacles in our path such as fallen trees and long deep puddles to go through. One of which almost drowned my GSA and got my boots and feet soaking wet. Not a good start to the day. We rode for around 30 miles on sand & decided our bones had had enough for the time being, and as the terrain wasn’t exactly exciting and I’d have a few offs that morning I was up for some smooth tarmac and a break from riding off road. So we made our way down to Cape st Vincent.

The roads were nice and smooth and felt nice on my bones after the last week of being basked about by all sorts of rough terrain. The sun was shining and the temperatures were finally rising and after a few hours of smooth roads with many twists and turns and amazing views we made it to Cape St Vincent.

Cape St Vincent is the most south westerly point of the European continental shelf and the views over the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean are amazing. There is a lighthouse at the end of the cape and a gift shop etc. There were plenty of tourists around all enjoying the warm sun and views that went on for miles. We did the same and after looking around the lighthouse we sat down and had a hot dog and a beer and enjoyed the view.

We rolled out around an hour later after deciding we would stay at Lagos for the evening.

We made it to Lagos within around half an hour or so as it was just down the coast. We arrived into town and had a ride around, took a few pictures and ended up having a beer at the marina overlooking the yachts and motorboats moored up on the jetties. We found a hotel right opposite us via the web and finished our beers and road around and checked in. We parked our bikes in the hotel garage and j packed our things. Had a shower and went out to find something to eat. We walked up into the old town and found a few places to choose from, eventually settling for a pizza at the Italian place. It was pretty good. Chris had salmon with beurre blanc and potatoes.

The tiramisu was for dessert was also pretty good.

We finished up paid our bill and made our way to a bar to sink some beers and hung out with the locals & tourists alike.

There wasn’t much happening and we made our way around a few more bars before ended I guess up back at the hotel around midnight. Tired and ready for sleep!

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