Spain/Portugal TET Ride 2017. Day 9 Lagos to Salamanca via Seville

I woke up late and packed up my things as did Chris. This was the day we were going our separate ways as he was getting the ferry back from Santander and I was riding back through France as I had to be back at work. So we packed up and checked out and got the road east bound along the coast. We rode together for about an hour before Chris peeled off to the north. We said our goodbyes and said we’d meet up back in London for a beer when we were back! After that it was me on my own.

After days of riding with someone I was back in my usual element riding alone. The sun was out and the temperature was a good old 20c. I said goodbye to Chris and opened up the throttle for the first time in a week and belted it all the way to Seville. It felt good to ride fast again and be able to stop where ever and when ever I wanted to. No disrespect to Chris at all. But riding solo is sometimes better than riding with other people. Anyway. I belted it down to Seville and had a ride around the city, stopping for tapas in a small cafe tapas bar. The city has a nice mix of new architecture blending in with the old. I wish j had more time to spend there. But I had to get back to England and only had a few days to do it in. After tapas I rode out of town and saw this huge rocket in some kind of science park! I was heading north to Salamanca. I rode through the day and arrived quite late in Salamanca and had a little ride around the town and walked into the main square and had a little look around. It was really busy compared to anywhere else I’d been in the last few weeks! I checked into a hotel and thought I’d go for a walk around the town and find some food, but I ended up having a 5 minutes rest on the bed that ended up being a 5 hour sleep! I woke up at 4am feeling hungry and annoyed with myself for falling asleep and wasting the night by not going out! So, I went back to sleep and made the most of my rest.

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