Billie Jr. Brake Light

I recently fitted a new auxiliary brake light to my bike. It’s called a Billie Jr. Brake Light and it’s made by the amazing Clearwater Lights USA.

It has 4 different brightness settings and can also be set to be used as a dynamic brake light which will flash depending on your rate of deceleration.

It’s really easy to fit and wires straight in to the CAN opener I have already on my Erica’s. It also has a small red LED light that you can wire up to the handle bars to see when the brake light is operating.

I’m really happy with the light and the way it works. It offers me much more safety from the rear as road users behind me can see me way more clearer than before.

I’d highly recommend fitting one to your bike.

Give the guys & girls at Clearwater a look, you won’t regret it.

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