About me

My name is Jools Moore, I’m a chef & live in London, & I’ve been riding motorbikes since I was 16 years old.

My first bike was my brothers second hand Yamaha Fs1-e 1983 model, it was everything I could have dreamed for back then as a young lad. It gave me freedom, made me poor, made me friends, took me places I wanted to go, broke down most times I rode it and i repaired it most nights in my garage getting covered in grease and dirt listening to Iron Maiden until the early hours, it was a great bike and it got me hooked on bikes and the freedom and lifestyle they offered.

I had various other bikes after my Fs1-e seized up on me on the A3 one day on the way to work experience , after a week and a half of 40mph flat out, it gave up the ghost in the most old fashioned way. I progressed on to a Suzuki GP100, then to a Suzuki GN250, after that it was a XV 535 Virago! terrible I know, but at the time it was great fun.

My next bike was an old school Suzuki TS100 which I had for a year before moving on to a BMW F650 GS which I owned for 8 years and traveled around Europe on a few times too!

After a few years I outgrew the F650 and longed for the gs r1200 adventure, and after much waiting, I finally took the step and bought a brand new BMW R1200 GSA.

She now has over 30000 miles on her and has been to 16 countries………!

This year in August 2016 I rode across Canada, coast to coast twice in 38 days!

I post pictures and stories about my rides for my own pleasure and to create a digital diary of my riding years!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!