How to ship your motorcycle to Canada / USA and back again!

This page is about who I have used to ship my bike to Canada & the other things you need to have in place before you can ride in Canada & the USA……& also most importantly….how to get it back again!!

Shipping your bike to Canada / USA

You will need a shipping company, bike insurance, travel waivers, personal health insurance(optional but advisory) and a EPA Nonresident exemption letter for your bike!


Having never shipped my bike anywhere (other than the cross channel ferry!) I decided to use a reputable company. I researched several companies and ways to get my bike across the Atlantic Ocean and in the end I decided to ship it with a company called HC Travel.

Established by David Grist in 1994, H-C Travel offers the widest selection of motorcycle tours and rentals available worldwide, and is the recognised pioneer and market leader in the UK. No other UK tour operator has the same breadth or depth of knowledge, the expertise or experience in international motorcycle travel.

Bike Insurance

Again after much research I decided to use Motorcycle Express for my bike insurance whilst in Canada & the USA. It is expensive £400+ for only two months, but it is worth it if anything happens to me or my bike. Some drivers in the USA will only be insured up to a certain amount of $ so it’s best to have your own insurance that covers the third party, the bike and yourself too!

EPA Nonresident exemption letter

For this you need to simply write a letter to the United States Environmental protection Agency stating your UK name & address, where you will be staying in the USA, your reason for visiting the USA, your bikes VIN number & the duration of the importation.

Travel Waivers

When flying to the USA or Canada you will need to apply for travel authorisation waiver the links below will take you there.

USA ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorisation

Canadian EST – Electronic Travel Authorization

Shipping it home

To ship my bike home I spoke with Dean Hansen at Wallenius Wilhelsen Logistics who is the port manager there for WWL and was my point of contact in Halifax. He said that they could send the bike back without a problem, however, again like in England I had to use a freight forwarding agent to arrange the paper work. He suggested I used Colley Motorships Ltd, their fee is $150US.

All I had to do was send them my import Bill of Lading which I had and the approximate value of the motorcycle. They did the rest! I dropped the bike off at the Auto Port in Halifax and on the same day I flew out. I will pay for it when it arrives back in Southampton!

Their contact details are:

Dean.Hansen AT

Boyd.deleeuw AT

I’ve taken the @ and replaced with AT so they do not get bombarded by spam emails!)

Personal Health Insurance for Riding a Motorcycle Abroad.

I found Navigator Travel to be the most competitive and comprehensive on cover for Personal Health Insurance – hopefully I won’t have to use it!